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February 2017 letter from the President


Navel oranges and Meyer lemons are in season! Surely I’m not the only one enjoying a bumper crop this year? Oranges go into my breakfast shake, orange/avocado or orange/beet salads. Lemon rosemary salmon (wild caught, of course!) anyone?


There’s news from the LEAF front as well. Teams are forming and ideas will soon become reality. A Workshop Team, headed by Iris Nicholson, has come up with a roster of workshops for 2017, pertinent to our Growing Green theme for the year. Iris is asking for help with contacting speakers and signing up attendees at the workshops.


I’m particularly excited to announce that our website will soon feature a blog. Yes, not just a monthly newsletter (or letter from the President for that matter), but an up-to-the-minute BLOG! Glennda Chui will be our Blog Editor and is seeking contributors. She is gathering ideas for interviewing people from our community, what to do in the garden and urban ag news. All she needs is a couple of paragraphs for each post. We’re also seeking a WordPress guru - we know there are lots of computer literates out there!


If you’re interested in joining either of these teams, please email


LEAF is getting out into the community this month at the Girl Scouts annual World Thinking Day. One of the troops asked LEAF to partner on their booth. Isn’t that the best? Bill Spicer, LEAF Center’s Garden Manager, will be on hand to help with a know-your-veggies quiz. The girls want to volunteer in the garden to earn badges, but we really need Volunteer Coordinators. Please contact us if you can help! The Scouts will also get the word out about renting LEAF planters. Yes, we still have a few available!


A reminder to both long-time and new members to stop by first Saturdays, 11a.m. - noon, at the LEAF Center for our monthly Meet-up. New members can pick up their T-shirts and get acquainted. January’s Meet-up was cancelled due to the deluge that filled our reservoirs to capacity. Yay for the drought being over - finally! So February 4th we’ll hope for sun, but unless it’s pouring, we can still manage in one of the greenhouses.

See you in the garden!

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