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January 2016


2016 was filled with firsts for LEAF, including me coming on board as the new president late in the year. The Board has big plans for 2017, starting with our annual theme, ‘Growing Green’. Activities at the C.R. Stone Garden push the ‘growing green’ envelope with hugelkultur mounds, water cachement and permaculture techniques. Over at the LEAF Center, folks are growing their own food - you can’t get much more local (and green) than that! If you have any suggestions for activities or workshops in this theme, please send them to


My motto as LEAF’s president, ‘It takes a village’, is all about building teams to achieve our goals for 2017. Iris Nicholson stepped up for the Workshop Team, but it’s more than a one person job. If you’re interested in helping out, let us know at


By the same token, we won’t have any events without a team to coordinate them. Hopefully a member with experience planning events will step forward and can head up an Event Planning Team.


Our ‘village’ is all-volunteer and we also need help with coordinating all those people who want to work in the gardens. You got it - a Volunteer Coordination Team. We don’t expect anyone to do these tasks single-handed. You know the refrain, many hands make light work - it’s so true!


Next month this letter will be replaced by a bona-fide newsletter. Glennda Chui will be our Newsletter Editor. I’m looking forward to this big addition to our website.


Catch up with LEAF members and meet your Board at our new monthly First Saturday Meet-up’s. They’re held at the LEAF Center in the California Nursery Historical Park from 10-11 a.m. (Check the website if rain is predicted.) Bakers are encouraged to bring goodies and we’ll provide coffee and tea. New members can pick up their T-shirts and seeds.


See you in the garden,

Mia Mora

LEAF President


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